Thursday, 4 February 2010

King of POP

Due to RL and Incredimail problems I simply haven't felt like playing in PSP I have lots of stuff that needs to be previewed and tags made for and hope to get round to that before I go into the hospital on Monday 

I certainly won't be up to playing for a while after having my surgery grr I need it but at the same don't want it if you know what I mean lol

Anyway brand new burning hot off the PSP press here is the one and only Micheal Jackson the King of POP sadly missed.

This is a top header stat available animated only

Download HERE

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Welcome to our Nest

Click  the Sheep  to visit DigiScraps by Trina Clark

This stat is available in 3 different styles non are animated this time

#1 has more butterflies and bee's and a cloud behind the Welcome to our nest message

#2 has less lol this one is shown in the preview

#3 there is not birds nest just the bees and butterflies and cloud

I just couldn't decide which I liked the most so decided to have all 3 hehe

Download #1 HERE

Download #2 HERE

Download #3 HERE

Pixie Dreams

Love this artist yet I don't use her work very often umm

Available animated and not

Download Animated HERE

Download Non Animated HERE

Friday, 22 January 2010


I did this one for a lesson in a group that I am in

I liked it so much I just had to turn it into a proper stat for you guys

Hope ya like it.

As normal available animated or not

Download Animated HERE

Download Non Animated HERE


This stat is available animated or still

Download Animated HERE

Download Non Animated HERE

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Elric's Story

I Have just heard about a little boy named Elric and wanted to share his story with you in the hopes that you were moved as much as i was to help in some way no matter how small even if it is to just visit the site and leave a message of prayer or to donate a small amount of money even a $ will help this family or to go further and buy a collab scrap kit which is MEGA and cheap

HERE is the link to read Elric's story

HERE is the link to purchase the kit ,look under Helping Mr Elric if you don't create how about making a gift to someone who does, gift certificates as cheap as $1.50 I purchased the taggers size  kit and as i said its MEGA 

PLEASE PLEASE spread the word about this little boy, I don't normally get involved with this sort of thing but welllll I just felt on this occasion I had to

Thanks for taking the time to look and read this

God bless you all

Hugs Tracy 

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I Am A Woman

Not one for the boys this one I am sorry to say but well I loved the tut so much I kept it as it was hehehe

Animated version HERE

Non animated version HERE