Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Its all Free

Just a note I had an email the other day asking if peeps had to pay for my stats 

well the answer to that is really simple NO all that I create ~ stats tags masks wordart scrap kits and everything else ~

I create for the love of it and I do mean that, I am addicted to all that is PSP I have just started to learn how to do Pixel art boy thats hard but even when I have mastered that I won't ever charge. I create to keep me sane those that know me will also know  the past few years haven't been good to me so I use my PSP for therapy and stress relief .

I do really love it

How can an addiction such as PSP be bad for you?

In my case its more a way of life lol

OK I said short answer was no but as normal have to write an essay

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